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What is Mindfulness?


A good question and a good place to start on your road to sense of self.


Mindfulness is a way of paying attention to what is happening to us in each moment.  It helps us become more aware of how we are feeling emotionally, physically and spiritually.


It teaches us how to be aware of our feelings, but also shows us how to observe them.  This way we can learn to respond to what is happening, rather than react to what is happening.


Mindfulness helps us make better choices and deal with problems when they arise so we are no longer overwhelmed.


How do you practice mindfulness?


Through meditation, movement, and eventually, in your everyday actions.


Mindfulness is being kind to yourself, being open to your own experiences and learning to observe your sometimes critical dialogue, rather than being in the midst

of it.


What can I offer you to help build a mindful practice? 


My practice offers you bespoke online one to one sessions, or small group training in both mindfulness and meditation.


This includes everything from introductory workshops to 6 to 8 week courses, as well as ongoing support in your personal practice.


Who would mindfulness help?


Anyone and everyone. However, research indicates in particular those suffering with:


•Stress and anxiety


•Chronic pain and illness

•Sleep issues


With numerous benefits:


•Improved self-esteem and self confidence

•Better management of pain

•Promotes physical wellbeing; reduced blood pressure, better immune functions

•Increased self-awareness

•Better at dealing with unpleasant experiences

•Better emotional balance

•Self-acceptance and self-compassion



"The little things?  The little moments?

They aren't little.

Jon Kabat-Zinn

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